National Seminar Pesticides & it's Impact on Human Health

Pesticides are chemicals that are used to destroy pests. In the agricultural industry, pesticides are classified into two categories, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic. A carcinogenic pesticide is a substance or agent producing or inciting cancer. Conversely, a non-carcinogenic pesticide is substance that does not produce or incite cancer. Most agricultural pesticides were registered in the 1950’s, with no standard regulations. The most considerable standard prior to the amendments of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) was, if a revocation of a pesticide occurred, would it have an impact on the prices or availability of food to the consumer....

Pesticides are considered an important environmental threat to children’s health in rural areas. This is because: • A large variety of chemicals and mixtures are used as pesticides. •Many pesticides are used at the same time in the same place (agricultural regions). •They are ubiquitous in the environment – and in individual environments (microenvironments) of children – there may be several sources of exposure to the same or a different chemical. •Multiple exposures may occur from the preconception period throughout the child's growth into adolescence and adulthood. Pesticides may also be heavily used indoors in urban areas, so this is not solely a rural issue.

[Dated 27/03/2015]

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[Dated 4/04/2014]

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