Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dr. J. Joanofarc (Principal)

Greetings from Innovative College of Pharmacy. Dear students, I Joyfully welcome you to the INNOVATIVE FAMILY, to learn and explore the profession of PHARMACY, which is noble in its character and pious in its deeds. Knowing the value of this profession to humanity, our honorable Chairman, Dr.K.R.Sharma, a renowned Educationalist has established Innovative College of Pharmacy in the year 2006 to provide, dedicated Pharmacists to the World. The Institute has created a large number of Pharmacy professionals, diploma holders, graduates, post graduates and PhDs who are serving and shining in the society.



Education is not just memorizing the facts and getting grades, it is preparing the students for the FUTURE. The people who succeed has to be curious, innovative and resilient to adopt to new changes and creativity plays a major role in the leadership skills.In future, professionals will be hired, not on the basis of what they know, but of what they can do with their knowledge, can they creatively solve the real world problems, not merely following instructions and directions.The unique human intelligence should be focussed..

Innovative College of Pharmacy is committed to render value based quality Pharmaceutical Education, following innovation in teaching and learning methods. Emphasis is given to personality development, by conducting soft skill training, career orientation programs, etc.Our faculty are qualified, passionate professionals who can understand the young minds.Students are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops and developmental programs. The advancement and globalization in the pharmaceutical sector have created a vast scope for qualified pharmacists in Pharma Industries, Academics, R and D, Marketing and Management, Hospitals, Clinical Research, Government agencies, etc.

I invite you to Innovative College of Pharmacy to grow in knowledge, skills and attitude to be an ideal FUTURE PHARMACY PROFESSIONAL.