In India, till now past- tradition is continue that doctors are diagnosing and prescribing but they are not really deal with Drugs. Only We pharmacist can learn about drugs and their effects. Innovative is Best Pharmacy Diploma colleges in Delhi NCR and Greater Noida.

So, Pharm. D may develop new pattern which is running in US and other developed countries, that doctors are only diagnosing and pharmacists are prescribing medicines. Also after doing Pharm. D, you can be registered pharmacist all over the world. so you can practice as pharmacist anywhere.

If you have marketing experience, it is good because you are some what habitant with brand names and other formulations. These experience will not directly useful but on some extent you will get benefit from it.

Pharmacy is a paramedical field and you better knowing about it, deals with all the direct and indirect aspects of medicines from development of new molecule to launch in the market.

Just clear with your thought as Pharmacy is nevertheless than MBBS or other degrees. Though there is less recognition of pharma field in India till now but still pharmacist have great career opportunities. They can enter in the field of R&D, F&D, production, clinical research, IPR, regulatory affairs, sales, marketing, lectureship and many more. One will never find these much career choices after their graduation.

Pharmacy Diploma colleges in Delhi NCR

One thing we let you know that Pharmacists are higher salaried professionals in US and other foreign countries, where pharmacists are allow to practice clinical pharmacy. They have statutory system in which patient is diagnosed by physicians or doctors (which is there exact responsibility not to prescribe drugs) and then the patient sent ahead to pharmacist with diagnosis report. Pharmacist is allow to prescribe the patient and normally who charge more than physician.

In India also the same course called as PHARM.D is introduced before one and half year only. So you are in the safe hands of career beginning. Although till now there is not a exact recognization of clinical pharmacy in India but it is sure that you have the greatest & the brightest career in US after you clear the NAPLEX and may be in future the India come arise with higher prospectus for the course.

Best Pharmacy Diploma colleges in Delhi NCR

And PCI also trying hard on the question about scope of Pharm.D in India. Our PCI president Dr. B. suresh is trying hard to give a new shape to pharma profession. So let it be leave on future about the scope in India. But for till date Pharm.D has precious respect in US.

About D.Pharmacy

D. Pharma is a diploma level pharmacy course, designed for 2 years, You must have passed SSC with Science subjects, then you will be eligible for D.Pharma Course from Innovative college of pharmacy. As per the our information pharmaceutical industry has robust growth in future. If you planning to make your career in pharma sectors or want to start off own medical shop then D.Pharma Course is perfect for you.

However, Students in Diploma Pharma Course get teachings of manufacturing, synthesis, mode of action, uses and other allied topics related to D pharma course. In D.Pharma Course, you will get theoretical knowledge & also get visits to Hospitals/Dispensaries to get practical knowledge/training.