The vision of a Innovative College of Pharmacy is to become a leading institution in the field of pharmaceutical education and research. It aims to produce graduates who are competent and skilled in their profession and are committed to serving the healthcare industry and the society.

The mission of Innovative College of Pharmacy one of the Top 10 pharmacy colleges in greater noida is to provide quality education to students in the field of pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, and related areas. It aims to produce competent and knowledgeable professionals who can contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and improve the health and well-being of the community. The college is committed to creating an environment that fosters research and innovation, encourages continuous learning, and promotes ethical and professional behaviour among its students and faculty. It strives to maintain high standards of education and excellence in all its activities, including teaching, research, and community service.

Innovative Vision & Mission To Impart pharmacy education

  • To create ideal ambiance for learning, research, Interactions, debate and growth.
  • To help students inherit value systems, be creative, innovative and agile thinkers.
  • To establish discipline, value-added education, training, and placement as three core values.
  • To build leadership capabilities among students to lead from the front and also be a team player.
  • To develop a symbiotic relationship between the institution, society and the community for mutual betterment.
  • To expand the vistas of higher learning in Pharmaceutical Technology and Management fields, including Post-Graduate Degree and Research.
  • To encourage a global vision and integration with international best practices for individual, social and national development.