Library is a collection of sources of information. It is the soul of the institution and it has an extensive collection of books, scientific and technical journals and electronic reference materials for satisfying the academic and research needs of students and faculty community.

Library is a place of which most of the collection is organized by most of the professional for utilization by most of the user in most of the time.

About Library

This Library is user-focused, innovative, and excellence driven. The library has always benefited from the institute’s culture, is pioneer in adopting new technology and is far ahead than many libraries in the region. This Library manages knowledge both in print and digital formats, ensures seamless discovery and access to these scholarly resources, and provides faculty, students, and staff with professional support to find, evaluate, manage, and use such resources

Our Collection

This Library has developed an excellent collection of books, journals and non-book material in science, medicine, technology. The library collection comprising of books, journals, thesis, reports and other reading material as follows.

SL NO Name Totle no
1 Total Number of Volumes 10276
2 Total Numbers of titles 2016
3 Numbers of Indian Journals 11
4 Numbers of International Journals 8
5 Number of online Journals 2
6 Number of News paper in Hindi 02
7 Number of News Paper in English 02
8 Employment News in Hindi 01
9 Employment News in English 01
10 India Today (English) 01
11 Yojana 01
12 Number of online databases 01
13 Employment News in Hindi 01


SL NO Title
2 Express Pharma
3 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
4 Indian Journal of Chemistry
5 Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
6 Journal of Hospital Pharmacy
7 Journal of Experimental Biology
8 Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
9 Pharma Times
10 Research Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacodynamics
11 Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology


SL NO Title
1 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science & Research
2 International Journal of Drug Discovery & Technology
3 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Technology
4 International Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Research
5 International Journal of General Medicine & Pharmacy
6 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Nano-Technology
7 International Journal of Green Pharmacy
8 International Journal of Pharmacology Research



SL NO Title Publisher
1 Indian Drug (Digital) IDMA
2 Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice (Digital) APTI

Freely Available E-Journals- GFMER Database, OMICSONLINE Database, HILARIS Database

Freely available E-Journals /Articles- Directory of Open Access Journal

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Innovative pharmacy college library is a specialized library that caters to the academic and research needs of our pharmacy students, faculty, and researchers. Our library typically contains a wide range of resources related to pharmacy, including books, journals, reference materials, and electronic databases.

In Innovative pharmacy college library, you can find text books, journals, and other resources related to pharmaceutical sciences, including pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, and pharmaceutical technology. The library also contain resources related to healthcare, such as medical reference books, anatomy and physiology books, and clinical trial data.

In addition to providing access to resources, our library also offer services such as reference assistance, information literacy instruction, and interlibrary services to help students and faculty find and access the information they need. Our pharmacy college library also have specialized areas for group study and individual study, as well as computer labs and other technology resources.