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  • M.Pharm Pharmacology Lab
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
paramedical course Delhi NCR

M pharm lab

paramedical course Delhi NCR

Pharmacology 2

Pharmacology department of Innovative College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida trains the students in subject in Anatomy, Physiology & Path physiology, pharmacology & Toxicology. Students are given facilities to understand different system of Human Anatomy & their function & Pathology with tools like, Models, Charts, Permanent Slides, Bones, Skelton etc. After completely well versed with the subject Human Anatomy, physiology & Path physiology students start to learn& make use of Pharmacological laboratories. Here students learn about the General pharmacology, drug dose, dry use, Mechanism of action of drugs, screening of drugs etc.

Software for the basic demonstration of Pharmacological experiments is provided. According to the requirements of CPCSEA, Institutional Animal Ethics Committee is constituted to carryout experiments related to the using of animals. A major interest of research in this department is clinical research which is the well flourishing field of Pharmaceutical Research Programme. Well planned and spacious Central Animals House is provided to facilitate the students to learn about the Pharmacological screening methods.